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GOAL ~ A Ukraine Fundraiser Tee


Bike polo, a small co-ed sport that fosters inclusivity, is written into the origin story of Split Fountain Press. For many of us, bike polo is like family. 


This tee was designed by artist, illustrator and Kyiv bike polo player, Romana Ruban. It depicts a drawing of a bike polo net and a ball in the top right corner of the shirt. Printed with water-based ink for a nice soft feel on a 6.1 oz. heavyweight 100% cotton and garment-dyed Comfort Colors tee.


Short Sleeves : $30

Long Sleeves : $40


100% of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts and all additional donations will be sent to Romana to keep and distribute as she see's fit.

Here are some words from her: 


It is not easy to be focused all the time on war, which is so far away from a peaceful life. There is a big gap between people who are in threat and who are not, so attention to Ukraine is decreasing. But Ukrainians are still fighting against the Russian terroristic state with the help of the whole world, and everything is meaningful, but we need more to be true.


My heart is full of gratitude to all who have already helped or are planning to do it. Posts, demonstrations, each dollar, everything counts, and I hope that after the Ukrainian victory, we rebuild the country as a great example of a land where human life is the most important value,  place where changes for the better are possible at any level.


I am from the Kyiv Bike Polo club, oh, not from the club, but family. Add here Kharkiv bike polo and newborn Bike polo Vinnytsia. Before the full-scale war, I saw the worldwide polo community as a big family, and now I feel it 200% true because of all support you bring. 


And imagine that part of your family is in the army, some even in dangerous hotspots. Or, as a civilian, day by day, you are facing the ruination of your city, so you want to be helpful by collecting donations, rebuilding houses, prototyping hemostatic turnstiles, working for humanitarian purposes, and searching for equipment, and so on. It's all about polo people now. And not because the government says so, but because we defend all loved ones, proclaim our right to live in a flourishing independent country, and fight because there is no peace in lands where Russians stepped. Russia brings only ruination and deaths.


War is frightening and energy-consuming, we see it by ourselves, but all we know is that we are not surrendering — we want to defend and kick back. We would not stop defending our net till the golden goal that will bring victory to Ukraine, no matter how exhausting the war might be. We have to win. Help us to protect what we love. Be by our side.


Find more of Romana's work on istagram @romanaruban


GOAL ~ A Ukraine Fundraiser Tee

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