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These shirts were originally designed for a bike polo team from Oakland, CA, by Montreal artist, Johnny Crash. We decided it was time for a reprint.


100% of the proceeds from this shirt will be sent to BLOC by BLOC, community organizers, in MIlwaukee. 


As white Americans, we are forced to ask ourselves, do we want the police to protect our interests over the rights and dignity and lives of black, brown and indigenous people in this country? We believe we need to metaphorically burn things down to expose the unjusticies within our institutions. We do not wish to elicit violence.


"When social programs are funded, when people have jobs, when people are paid a living wage, when communities are supported, there is a decrease in crime, and therefore police presence is not needed." - Sarde @youthofsarde


Find more of Johnny's work on istagram @eightyaday





TRASHFIRE fundraiser tee