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**UPDATE** What's listed on the site is what is currently available. I'll do another run in the new year. I appreciate you all so much.   -Bird  11/07/22


If you're here looking at this shirt, you probably don't need an introduction to bike polo or who Kevin is or what he did for the sport. I'll try to explain anyway. 


It's nearly a month after Kev was killed by a driver while out on an evening walk with his partner and pals and I still can't believe I'm writing these words. I am heartbroken for his family and all of his friends. Kevin was an irreplaceable presence in my life and I am forever grateful for the time we had. 


It is my hope that Kevin's family will continue to feel his presence through all those who loved him. I hope we can all care for each other the way Kev cared for the people he held dear and for the bike polo community at large.


Maybe this shirt can be a symbol for us to really think about how we want to play; how we want to live :) 


The image on this tee was found on Kevin's Flickr. He credited his partner Lisa for taking it but she's unsure if she did or not. If you know who took it please let us know.


When I first started playing bike polo back in Madison around 2007, I made a similar shirt from an action shot of Kev playing grass polo. He was using a wooden mallet but he had the same signature 10 foot wingspan! I wanted to update the design with a hardcourt version and decided to add LEAGUE OF BIKE POLO to reference Kev's massive contribution.


To the font nerds who helped me find it, thank you! The font is Dosis, the last Kev used for LOBP back in 2016. The shirt is printed on a 6.1 oz. 100% cotton garment-dyed tee.


Short Sleeves : $30

BAY & TERRACOTTA by Comfort Colors


Long Sleeves : $40

CYPRESS GREEN by Hanes~Comfort Wash (slightly darker than the BAY tee)

TERRA COTTA by Comfort Colors 


100% of the proceeds from the sale of this tee and all extra donations will be sent to Kevin's family. 



Thank you 



LOBP Fundraiser Tee

  • Most orders ship out via USPS Priority or USPS First Class.

    Please be patient with the shipping of these!

    If you're in the PNW, you're welcome to choose the local pickup option and then contact us to arrange for your pick-up.

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